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Garden Diary Page 6
2001 season

by soilman Theodore Zuckerman

This photo is taken from a position east of the house and lot, looking westward or north-westward, at the 4 "blocks" of sweet corn plants growing in the "side garden." I think it is 2001, but I'm not sure. Each block of corn consists of 4 rows, with 10 to 12 plants in each row. The rows run north-south.

The 4 blocks, considered together as one block, consists of  4 rows running north-south, with each row having 40 to 48 plants. Squeezed in between blocks 2 and 3 are two 6-foot long rows of edamame running east-west. Behind corn blocks 3 and 4, are 2 north-south rows of edamame, which you can't see much of. You can see just a little bit of these north-south rows of edamame plants, to the right of the east-west row of edamame, and between corn block 3 (the low block), and the house.

garden, side

If you look thru block 4 of corn, the block of corn on the right, in the photo above, toward the rear garden, you will see what is in the photo below. From near the shed, to near the trellis, we have first the compost pile; then north-south rows, or beds, with watermelon, then canteloupe; and closest to us, tomato on the left and edamame on the right.


On the next page (garden7.html),  is a view of about the same area of the rear garden that is shown in the photo above, except it is from the west side, looking east — the photo above is from the east, looking west (approximately).