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I think this is 2001 but I'm not sure. Panoramic view of rear garden viewed from west side, looking east, continuing toward the side garden, on the right. The photos on the previous page are from the the other side, from the east, looking west. The view was made from 2 photos stitched together, though not quite "seamlessly." It should just fit on a 1024-pixel-wide screen.

A larger version of the same picture is below. Scroll left-right to see the entire picture.

rear panorama, full size

The approximately 4-foot long garden fork will give you an idea of the size of things. From lower left to upper right: watermelons (vines are still sparse; later they come in real thick); 3 beds of canteloupes, each 6 or 7 feet wide, by 20 feet long; 2 rows of edamame, with some tomato plants at the right side of the row; then the 24 foot long trellis. As you look right, past the trellis, you'll see some tomato plants that are stuffed in between the rear garden and the side garden; then you'll see the beginning of 2 rows of edamame in the side garden; and behind the edamame, the corn plants in the side garden. The rest of side garden continues out of view, obscured by the house.

You might find that the wikipedia article on veganic gardening interesting. As of 2006 Dec 27, some of it appears to have been written by yours truly.