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Vegan Garden Diary page 2 (2000)

Today is 2000 Mar 25

Yesterday I called the town to find out what the town regulations were in regard to where I can put up a fence on my lot. How high it can be, how close to the road it can be, etcetara. They said they were going to call me back but they didn't.

I priced "Deer-X" polypropylene mesh fencing material. 100 feet of 7 foot wide mesh is about $20. I should also price 4 foot width chicken wire, 100 feet, and 4 foot wide welded wire. The package material that I saved from the last time I bought Deer-X, says posts should be spaced every 15 feet or closer. The most difficult part of adding new fencing will be moving the gate so that the people who live in the back apartment in my house can get to their door. My garden is in the back yard, and the entrance to their apartment is in the back yard. so they have to walk through the fenced in backyard in order to get to their door. If I extend the "backyard fence" along the right side of the house, as I am planning, then I should move the gate as far forward as the fence enxtends.

Let me scan in a pencil sketch. Look at the jpg below, or click here for a TIF file that, depending on how your browser is set up, you can download, view in a Helper Application, or view in a Browser Plug-In (AlternaTIFF is a nice plug-in).. A TIF image can be bigger on screen and should produce a clearer printout on 8.5 by 11 inch page than the jpg below.



The gate is heavy wire fencing with a metal pole on each side. Since the old poles are probably rusted, I should buy 2 new poles and place them where I want the gate. Then I should install the gate. Then I should install the polypropylene mesh fencing.

However digging the holes for both the metal posts for ether side of the gate, and for the 1 by 2 inch wooden furring strips I will be using to support the Deer-X mesh or chicken wire, will be the hardest part. If I rent a gasoline powered post hole auger it will cost me a few bucks, as may the 2 taxi trips to the rental place if I can't get someone to pick the auger up for me.

In case my sketch above is difficult to see, the rectangle at the top, represents the "current garden" in the backyard of the house, which is the L-shaped ranch represented below it, and labeled "house." The word house, in pencil, may be hard to see. The rear garden is abut 20 feet by 61 feet. It's labeled. The proposed new space to be fenced in, to the right of the house, is 54 feet by 22 feet, but only 54 feet by 13 feet is usable as garden space, because the 2 feet just next to the fence, on the right, are too close to the fence to use, and the 7 feet strip alongside the house will be used as a path to the back of the house.

You can also see a square area, just below the current garden, on the right side, that I can use as garden space. It will connect together the current garden and the prosed strip.

Since I can use 15 feet of the existing wire mesh fence that now extends horizontally, on the right side of the house, and move it so that it extends vertically, I won't need new mesh for the whole 54 foot length on the right side of the propsed garden spaced -- I will only need 54 feet minus 15 feet, or 39 feet.

The total amount of new fencing material I will need is 91 feet, actually slightly less to account for the 4 foot or so width of the gate.

There is an error in the calculation of the square feet for the new garden space. It should be 

13 x 68 = 884

Thus the total garden space should be:

old garden space 1220 sq ft
proposed garden space 884 sq ft
total 2104 sq ft